Paro.. A Giant Buddha… A Dzong…

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Look at the size of the people to show scale!

Look at the size of the people to show scale!

Original bridge dating back to the 1300's

Original bridge dating back to the 1300's

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I wasn’t able to blog last night so 2 posts today!

Today we drove from Thimphu to Paro.  On the way we stopped at a giant Buddha.  It was amazing!  So beautiful.  The Buddha is about 169 feet tall and inside there are hundreds of thousands of smaller Buddhas.  It is still under construction, but the main part of the complex is finished.  We spent some time enjoying the inside and then had some free time outside for taking pictures and enjoying the views of the valley below. 

After the stop at the giant Buddha, we started the drive to Paro.  Paro is where the airport is located and is a much smaller city than Thimphu.  On the way to Paro, we stopped at a bridge that dates to the 1300’s.  The original bridge is there, but not in use.  They built a new bridge next to it so people can cross the river.  The new bridge is covered with prayer flags.  I took some photos and then we went to the river for a while.  It was a good stop.

When we got to Paro, we had some lunch and then we went to the national museum and I learned more about the country.  After the museum we went to the Dzong in Paro where there will be a festival starting on March 27th.  One of the largest festivals in Bhutan.  We walked through the Dzong and saw that it was decorated for the upcoming festival.  After looking through the Dzong and spending some time relaxing, we walked down to the bridge and met up with Ganesh. We had some free time so I walked down the main road in Paro and did some more souvenir shopping.  I met up with the guys and we went and had an end of the day beer/juice.  We then went to my hotel and I checked in.  I can see the Tiger’s Nest from my room!  So cool.  I took a little nap, went to dinner and wanted to blog but the internet was not working great.  So I went to bed.  An early day tomorrow for the hike to the Tiger’s Nest.

Last blog post from Bhutan tomorrow.  Sadness.