Photo:  Ben Rodig Photography

Chris Klinge

I always find writing about myself to be a very difficult undertaking. Iʼm not sure why. I think maybe because it feels like an attempt at writing a personal ad for Craigslist or Tinder or something. Maybe that is the key to a good description of your self.  Write it like a personal ad. Yes, that is the way to do this. It is decided. Here is my attempt at creating a bio (hereafter referred to as a personal ad).

SWM, 40ʼs, looking for fun times and producing some great photography.  I am an INFJ.  I am a Scorpio. I like puppies, kittens, thunderstorms, long walks on the beach, movies, listening to music, and spending time with friends. But, not too much time with friends. Maybe Iʼm a loner, mostly (hello, INFJ). Now that I think about it, I spend quite a bit of time alone. Does it make me happy? Yes. So, if you are looking for someone not to spend time with, please respond and maybe we can spend time alone separately. I also like gum and potatoes.

Man...what a disaster. Now that the bio, sorry personal ad,
disaster is over, time to talk about the photographs...

I really do enjoy photography.  Probably more than anything else.  Well, except maybe travel.  But, here's the thing, I can travel and take photos!!  So it's a win/win situation.  I've been in the photography industry for over 20 years.  I started out as a staff assistant in a studio that only shot catalog/off-figure photography.  I learned a lot in the years that I assisted.  About 15 years ago I started my own business.  I continued to shoot products, but soon became involved in on figure photography while continuing to shoot products.  Working with a group of people, collaborating on the project.  That's the stuff I love.  So mostly, for the past few years, I've been working with great teams, on great projects and have been livin life!  I've also traveled to 16 Countries.  A great passion of mine is travel photography.  I love going to new places, experiencing new cultures, people, and getting out of my comfort zone.  I have been so lucky to be able to travel to so many places and it really keeps me going.  I really love what I'm doing and I hope to continue learning, and creating, and traveling for many years.

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