Hang Gliding Is Awesome!

I went Hang Gliding today!! I got to fly it even! There are three things I learned about Hang Gliding today. Number 1...when you give the guy on the ground your camera to take some photos, make sure you have an empty card in the camera. When we landed, we were about 15 feet above the guy, coming in fast, and the card was full. The dude was really upset that he missed the photo.  He said it would've been awesome.  I bet it would've been.   Epic failure on my part. Number 2...Hang Gliding is super awesome and everyone should try it. Number 3...I'm probably an expert now and I did receive my hang gliding pilot license today. Anyone wanna fly with me?  Maybe I didn't really get my for real hang gliding license, but I'm pretty sure I got a student one.  And, I am now a member of the American Hang Gliding and Para Sailing Association.  One more thing to add to my list of credentials on the LinkedIn.  

It was a little scary at first and the guy was telling me how to fly.  I just thought it was for information.  Everyone loves new information.  I like to learn new things.  Then all of a sudden he let go of the main bar and told me it was my turn to fly.  I was kind of in a haze when he told me how to fly, so I didn't really remember.  Even though it was 30 seconds before.  But I managed to do four or five turns.  It's all in the hips if you are wondering.  You just shift your weight at your hips and it turns.  Pretty awesome.  I finally got the hang of it.  Pardon the pun.  It was a little bumpy on descent so he didn't want me to land it.  I was ok with that.  I will maybe do this again.  Thing is, these sports are so expensive.  Not only would I have to buy a hang glider, but then I would have to take a bunch of lessons.  Maybe I will think about it.  But, everyone should try it!