For the last week and a half I got to work on a shoot in NYC.  It was my first time there.  I LOVED THAT CITY!!!  It was so amazing.  I think maybe my favorite part is the being able to walk everywhere and just the whole feeling of the city.  Maybe the fact that there is always something going on and that you can get food any time of day or night.  That was great.  I would work on the photo shoot during the day and then I would do things at night.  All of the crew had suggestions for me.  Things I had to do while there.  I think I did a lot of them.  I know I did a lot of walking and taking the subway.  Everyone was so great.  I was so happy to have this opportunity and to work with such great people.  Did I mention that I loved it there?  I didn't want to leave really.  Here's some photos I took while in NYC.  Some are ok, right.